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Disinfecting Services in Denver

  • Free Inspection of Commercial or Residential Property
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • CDC and OSHA Methods, Safety Measures, and Protocols Followed

Ever since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals and businesses have taken a strong sense of ownership in their cleanliness, hygiene, and general well-being. We understand now more than ever how important it is to promote a more safe and healthy environment.

That’s why Restoration 1 of Central Denver is proud and honored to serve the greater Denver area with quality and reliable disinfecting services. Our certified and trusted experts can help you achieve a cleaner and safer environment for your loved ones, guests, employees, etc.

We extend our disinfecting services to both commercial and residential properties. Whether you have a family that you need to keep safe or need to protect your employees and customers, our disinfecting services are available to the Denver area 24/7, no matter the occasion or reason.

Disinfecting vs. Cleaning vs. Sanitizing

As we grow more aware of how our hygiene and cleanliness impact those around us, it’s important we understand the differences between disinfecting, cleaning, and sanitizing. The words are often used interchangeably in the world today, but they have different meanings.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how these three terms differ:

  • Cleaning –involves removing dirt, dust, crumbs, and germs from a surface, but not killing those germs. This can be done with water and soap, but also with a dry cloth.
  • Disinfecting – involves killing germs and bacteria on a surface, but not necessarily removing them. This is usually done with specific chemicals and advanced equipment.
  • Sanitizing – includes any technique or method that lowers the number of germs to a safe amount. Both cleaning and disinfecting can be considered sanitizing.

At Restoration 1 of Central Denver, we’re in the business of disinfecting your home, business, or other property. We understand how important this is to you and everyone you share your space with, which is why we pay close attention to detail with every new project that comes our way.

Following CDC and OSHA Methods

The health and safety of the Denver community means a lot to us, which is why we don’t take shortcuts when disinfecting your property. We ensure that our disinfecting services follow and comply with all the most recent OSHA and CDC methods, guidelines, standards, and practices.

Our restoration experts are trained to use the most recent technology and equipment to ensure a safe and effective disinfecting process for everyone involved. Since we follow the best methods, we’re able to get the job done right and get it done quickly to minimize the distraction.

Disinfecting Treatment Application Options We Offer

At Restoration 1 of Central Denver, we want to make sure every homeowner or business owner has access to the exact disinfecting service they need. Every situation and every property is unique in its own way, which means they’ll require a unique solution and proper maintenance.

Here’s a quick look at the disinfecting treatment application options we offer here at Restoration 1 of Central Denver:

  • Disinfectant application and wipe down of horizontal and common touch surfaces.
  • Disinfectant application and wipe down of horizontal, common touch surfaces and all hard contents.
  • Fog disinfectant application with wipe down of horizontal and common touch surfaces.
  • Commercial-grade HEPA air cleaning to remove airborne particles.
  • Proactive and monthly or quarterly maintenance plans available.

Don’t worry, we’ll go over each of your options during your free consultation, which you can schedule anytime. We also offer virtual consultations if you prefer video chat or messaging. Pricing varies based on a general analysis of the property and specific contamination needs.

Disinfection – Not Sanitization

We understand that various terms can sometimes appear to be synonyms, but that’s just not the case. Disinfection doesn’t mean sanitization. This is an important difference when looking for a company to provide you with disinfecting services. Sanitization isn’t as in-depth of a bacteria-removal project as disinfection. Think of sanitization as the lesser form of disinfection; it will work, but it won’t get the job done.

Businesses That Can Benefit From Disinfecting in Denver

It’s true that any property can benefit from disinfecting services, especially in the world we live in today. Businesses, homes, medical buildings, recreational facilities, and more can take advantage of a cleaner, safer, healthier, and more welcoming environment for its inhabitants.

Here’s an overview of just some of the businesses we’ve served with our disinfecting services over the years:

  • Day Cares
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Gyms
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Malls
  • Retail Centers
  • Multi-Family Properties
  • Hotels
  • Medical Offices
  • Nursing Homes
  • And so many more!

We understand that every business has different needs and we’re prepared to meet those needs with quality and reliable disinfecting services. The health and safety of your inhabitants means a lot to you and it means a lot to us. If you need our help, we’re always there for you!

Why Choose Restoration 1 of Central Denver?

Quality. Passionate. Reliable. Experienced. These are some of the things you deserve when working with a fire, smoke, mold, or water damage restoration company in Denver. You deserve to work with the best team of restoration and disinfecting experts the city of Denver has to offer.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider Restoration 1 of Central Denver when searching for quality disinfecting services:

  • We Serve Both Residential and Commercial Properties
  • Free Inspection of Commercial or Residential Property
  • CDC and OSHA Methods, Safety Measures, and Protocols Followed
  • We’re Locally-Owned and Women-Led
  • 24/7 Emergency Services & Fast Response Times
  • Excellent Communication & Customer Service
  • Portion of Each Job Goes to Rocky Mountain Cancer Assistance
  • Top-Notch Service Standards
  • Certified & Trained Experts

Locations We Service in the Greater Denver Area

As a locally-owned restoration and disinfecting company, we take great pride in serving the Denver community with best-of-class services. We love working with the unique homeowners and business owners in this area and wouldn’t want to work in any other city in the world.

Here’s a look at some of the locations we serve in the greater Denver area:

  • Central Denver
  • Wheat Ridge
  • Berkeley
  • Downtown Denver
  • Lakewood
  • Mountain View
  • Lakeside
  • Edgewater
  • Englewood
  • Sheridan
  • Ballpark
  • Bear Creek
  • Lincoln Park
  • Ruby Hill
  • Sloans Lake
  • Sunnyside
  • The Highlands
  • West Colfax
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Why Choose Restoration 1 of Central Denver?​

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Top-Notch Service Standards
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