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Fires are one of the leading causes of accidental deaths inside the home. They happen on a daily basis and there’s no telling just how much damage they can do. In the blink of an eye, a small fire can turn into a disaster for you and your family — especially if not handled properly.

If you experience a fire at your home or business, you need a quality restoration company to help return your property back to its original condition. With the right equipment, the proper knowledge, and a passion for helping those that need it most, you can return to a normal life.

That’s where Restoration 1 of Central Denver comes in to play a major role in the recovery process. We understand how devastating and disastrous a fire can be. We’re dedicated to providing best-in-class restoration services to both residential and commercial properties.  

Most Common Causes of Fire and Smoke Damage

Every year, hundreds of thousands of fires break out in residential homes. Some of them cause structural damage, some of them result in injury, and some are even fatal. Of all the reasons why fires happen, there are some causes that occur more often than others.

As you can see, your property is filled with potential fire hazards. That’s why it’s so important to properly maintain your property and the many appliances that it relies on. This will not only reduce your chances of a fire, but it will ensure the health and safety of everyone inside.

Warning Signs of Potential Fire Hazards

Disaster can strike at any moment and a majority of fires happen unexpectedly, but there are a variety of common warning signs that you should keep an eye out for. Early detection can either help you and your family avoid tragedy or at least minimize the amount of property damage.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes of fire and smoke damage inside the home or business:

  • Cooking Appliances – we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so it’s no surprise that the oven, stovetop, and toaster are some of the leading causes of residential fires.
  • Heating Appliances – portable heaters and space heaters have a variety of spatial requirements and recommendations that you must follow to reduce the risk of fire.
  • Electrical Appliances –we use electricity often throughout the day. Anything that’s plugged into the wall could potentially cause a fire if not maintained properly.
  • Faulty Wiring – wiring runs all throughout your home or business, both inside and outside the walls. Any damage to these wires could spur a fire if not repaired quickly.
  • Damaged Outlets – any damage to your outlets or plugging in too many wires to one outlet can cause a fire to occur.
  • Candles – leaving candles unattended, falling asleep with a candle burning, or placing a candle in the wrong location can result in a fire.
  • Fireplaces –having flammable objects near your fireplace can lead to a fire breaking out, especially if sparks from the fire spread to those objects.
  • Holiday Decorations –although many people like to go all out with their holiday decorations, having too many lights can put you at an increased risk of a fire.
  • Wildfires – Denver is very prone to wildfires every year and they could spread to your home in extreme cases, causing fire or smoke damage along the way.

Let’s take a look at some warning signs that your home or business is in danger of a fire:

  • Burning smell
  • Detecting smoke
  • Fire alarm going off
  • Hot door handle
  • Circuit breaker keeps tripping
  • Discolored outlets
  • Damaged or outdated wires
  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Appliances not maintained properly

By understanding the warning signs of a potential fire, you can take the necessary actions to stop a fire before it sparks. Not only does this save your property from structural damage, but it can save you and your family from potential injury or death.

What to Do During and After a Fire

No matter how hard you try to avoid a fire, freak occurrences do happen and they happen more often than you think. That’s why you should always be prepared for the unexpected, including making sure you and your family have an effective plan of action during and after a fire.

Here are some tips to keep you safe and minimize the amount of property damage you face:

  • Stick to your evacuation plan
  • Evacuate the area
  • If it’s small enough to contain, use a proper fire extinguisher
  • If it’s too large, evacuate as fast as possible
  • Contact the fire department
  • When contained, contact the insurance company
  • Take pictures of the affected area
  • Note anything that’s damaged
  • Contact a restoration company
  • Remain calm, don’t panic, stay safe

When a fire breaks out, time is of the essence. You must learn to act quickly and that’s why having a plan is so important. A family that’s on the same page can minimize the amount of harm caused by the fire. Once contained, you can contact a restoration company for recovery.

Understanding the Fire Damage Restoration Process

At Restoration 1 of Central Denver, we believe in a transparent fire damage restoration process. By ensuring our clients understand how the process works, we can eliminate any confusion and keep everyone on the same page from start to finish — which makes for a happy homeowner.

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect from our fire damage restoration process:

  • Inspect the area and note the extent of damage
  • Determine what can and can’t be salvaged
  • Remove and restore building materials, electrical, HVAC, and exterior areas
  • Restore any water damage that occurred in the process
  • Remove smoke, fumes, and odors from the property
  • Repair and rebuild the property back to its original condition

Don’t worry, we’ll go over everything in detail when we arrive at your destination and have a better idea of the affected areas — especially since every restoration job is unique in its own way. We won’t begin the restoration process until we’ve answered any questions you have.

Why Choose Restoration 1 of Central Denver

In order to properly recover from fire and smoke damage to your home or business, you need a quality fire and water damage restoration company in Denver by your side. They not only restore your property back to its original condition, but they instill a sense of relief that helps you move past this horrible tragedy.

Here are just some of the reasons why Denver residents trust Restoration 1 of Central Denver with their fire and water damage restoration in Denver:

  • Certified, licensed, and bonded experts
  • Top-Notch Service Standards
  • We work with all insurance companies
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Women-led, family owned, locally owned business
  • We donate a portion of profit to Rocky Mountain Cancer Assistance
  • We communicate the entire way through
  • Trained and passionate professionals
  • We use the most advanced equipment

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