Restoration experts cleaning up after fire damage

The word “restoration” literally means to return something back to its former condition. To restore something is to mitigate the damage and bring the area, space, or item(s) back to the previous condition – before the damage took place.

While many companies use this word to describe a service, the general public doesn’t necessarily know what it means since it’s not used on a daily basis. If you’re one of these people, it’s okay that you didn’t know the definition of the word “restoration” before coming here.

There are a variety of services available in relation to restoration. Knowing these various service types will help you in distinguishing when to use the word restoration to find the service that will benefit your situation. We’ll even include the common issues associated with each restoration service so you have a better understanding when it serves your needs.

What Are the Most Common Types of Restoration Services?

Like we said above, there are multiple types of restoration services available and each is specific to a certain need based on a damaging event. The four main types of restoration services include: Water damage, fire & smoke damage, mold remediation, and sewage backup.

Water Damage Restoration

Whenever you have a flood in the basement, your appliance has leaked water into the materials of your house, or the fire department has put out a fire in your home, water damage restoration is the proper service to call upon.

Water damage comes in a variety of ways and leads to even worse damages, such as mold, if not properly taken care of. If you’ve had a plumbing incident that has seeped into the materials of your home or building, a plumber isn’t the person to call to restore your property.

Typically, water damage, especially when it has time to settle into materials, will find its way into materials such as carpet, drywall, wood panels underneath your surface flooring, and even your furniture. The process of cleaning up after this water damage, removing the damaged materials, and fully restoring the property takes expertise and a variety of devices to ensure that all of the water has been removed and won’t cause more damage.

That’s why a local water damage restoration company like Restoration 1 of Central Denver is so important; it’s not a DIY job. You can typically find these local restoration services online by searching for “water damage services” or “flood damage restoration near me”.

Look for a company that has the best reviews.

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

If your kitchen was set on fire or the entire building was, you’ve got two problems on your hands.

First, the fire has most likely caused significant damage to the surface of the materials within the living space, if not further damage to the materials located beyond those surface areas.

Second, fire causes smoke. Smoke not only leaves an unhealthy odor in the air that you and your family members should not be exposed to, but it also causes damage to everything it touches.

Even after you’ve extinguished the fire either by yourself with a fire extinguisher or by calling the local fire department, the issues haven’t been solved. You may have stopped the fire, but the area is still dangerous for health and safety reasons.

Fire and smoke damage restoration services help you once the fire has been put out. The restoration company will remove the materials that were burned and damaged by the flame and will then see to cleaning up the affected area from the smoke residue. This process includes working with your insurance company and sourcing the proper materials to put back in your living space.

To find a local fire damage restoration company you can trust, search online for terms such as “fire damage repair” or “fire damage restoration company”.

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation can also be known as mold removal in some circumstances. Mold remediation is necessary when your living space is fraught with an excess build-up of mold spores.

Now, let’s be very clear, mold is technically everywhere at all times. It’s both indoors and outdoors and can’t 100% be “removed”, but rather it can be removed to the extent of what’s considered healthy levels and healthy types of mold.

When mold spores colonize, they start to become visible. This can be caused by a multitude of issues, but mold spores mainly colonize due to excess levels of water in the area. If water damage isn’t properly cleaned up, within 24-72 hours, it most definitely will lead to mold growth in your home.

Again, this isn’t a do it yourself project since it takes specialized equipment to reduce water levels in the area and to fully remove mold in the materials of the living space.

Mold removal/remediation services can be found through local restoration companies that offer it. Search for terms online such as “mold remediation company” or “mold removal services” in your local area to find a trustworthy mold removal company.

Sewage Cleanup

Ew, but true! Sewage backup occurs more often than you may think. Sewage backup is when your drainage system starts kicking back up sewage that you thought was long gone. Gross right?!

Oftentimes, this tends to happen when too many non-flushable items are flushed down drains. Once the sewage comes back up, it will contaminate everything in its path. This becomes very unsafe for yourself and those that use the area. That’s when a restoration company with experience in sewage cleanup comes into the picture.

Sewage backup is hazardous and known as “blackwater,” one of the most dangerous levels of water contamination. Sewage includes bloodborne pathogens and viruses. Along with the full removal and disposal of contaminated building materials, the air must be cleaned with commercial-grade HEPA air scrubbers.

The restoration company is prepared with all of this equipment and will suit up with the proper safety precautions and gear to remove all of the contaminants, bacteria, and will even restore the area from the smell. Typically, with sewage backup, water damage occurs as well, so they will be performing several services all at once to return your space back to the beauty it held before the damage.

In Conclusion

You see, all of these restoration services are connected to each other. If you have a fire, you get water damage. If you get water damage, you get mold. If you get sewage backup, you get water damage. The damages go on and on unless you can get a qualified restoration expert involved to solve the main issue before it leads to worse problems.

Don’t let more damages afflict your home or business. Call Restoration 1 of Central Denver to mitigate the issues safely. Serving Denver and the surrounding cities 24/7 for emergency restoration services.

Author: John Rust

Author: John Rust

John Rust, Owner of Restoration 1 of Central Denver has been in the exterior and interior restoration industry for 12 years. His background includes exterior building products including roofing and siding, as well as interior restoration and reconstruction. John's experience encompasses field, sales and operations in both industries and currently manages all daily business and operations for Restoration 1 of Central Denver.